Our Story

The taste of homemade sweetness

Lo dulce hecho en casa


It was 1975 in the sunny, peaceful city of Ica, where Elena Soler lived with her family. Life unfolded agreeably among close friends and neighbors, with the comings and goings typical of everyday existence. Soon enough, however, Elena, being the dynamic and creative woman she was, discovered the perfect way to spoil those around her: by creating delicious tejas—a traditional sweet that has been made for over a hundred years in this part of southern Peru— with her own hands, and a little help from her husband and their seven children.

 And thus was born her family-run business offering homemade sweets, led by the merry spirit and strict supervision of Elena herself. Demand skyrocketed, and the compliments and appreciation of satisfied clients helped the company keep growing. Eventually, HELENA Chocolatier decided to take a great leap forward and offer its products in Lima, where competition is as fierce as the market is big.

While the teja was born in Ica, HELENA created the chocoteja. These delightful sweets come in all different kinds: bathed in fondant or chocolate; with classic fillings such as pecans, dulce de leche caramel, or prunes; in surprising new versions filled with raspberry, candied orange peel, or raisins macerated in pisco; or in exotic options filled with guava, passionfruit, or goldenberry.

HELENA Chocolatier also has a chain of boutique chocolate shops that has successfully entered the American market, exponentially increasing production thanks to the hard work of Elena’s children, and especially Fernando, the youngest of Solers, who holds a business administration degree from Florida International University.

HELENA Chocolatier is now delighted to bring sweetness and joy into households all over by doing what the company does best: expressing its affection and devotion in the form of delicious tejas, chocotejas, and chocolate bonbons.