Our Story

HELENA was founded in 1975 by Elena Soler with a great love for teja confections - a traditional treat of Peru created more than a century ago. It started as a hobby when Elena created chocotejas by covering tejas with chocolate made from the finest Peruvian cacao.  

Chocotejas - soft centers of dulce de leche caramel with roasted nuts or candied fruits bathed in gourmet chocolate. Exotic natural ingredients and flavors such as: pecan, chestnut, walnut, orange, lemon, guava, prune and our home specialty raisin soaked in Peruvian Pisco liqueur and used in their preparation.

It all started out as a Homebased business with the help of her husband and seven children; together they prepared, mixed, cooked, wrapped each item individually, packaged and delivered them to friends, neighbors, shops and local businesses.

HELENA started to grow thanks to loyal customers and their constant encouragement and admiration for the uniqueness, delicious and elegant wrapping. Currently, Helena has its own manufacturing plant in Ica, distribution centers in Lima and Miami along with a chain of Boutiques. 

Fernando, Elena's youngest son, after graduating in Business Administration from FIU became resolute about making her mother's creation an international success. Today we ship our exquisite confections all over United States.

HELENA invites you to try any of its products and see for yourself why so many people enjoy them. Children love them, as do many long-term corporate customers, among them First-Class, American Airlines passengers since 2002. It was and is a sweet dream that became a reality with love, passion and dedication.

The American Airlines First Class dessert