Chocolate & fondant 06-Pack

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Tejas and chocotejas

06 pieces - 156g / 5.5oz

Fine fondants (tejas) and chocolates (chocotejas)with a variety of fillings, including dulce de leche, and nuts or an array of fruits, all covered in an outer layer of fondant or chocolate. The sweetest pleasure.

 In the middle of the desert of southern Peru sits the city of Ica, the birthplace of two ancient cultures: Nazca and Paracas, and of one of the most exquisite examples of our country’s confectionery tradition: tejas and chocotejas.

 HELENA is the result of the hopes and dreams that Elena Soler de Panizo poured into achieving the perfect mix of traditions from her native land, combined with the delicious flavor of Ica’s tejas. She is also the creator of her now famous chocotejas.